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Shipping Information

I am an experienced shipper and I do offer shipping within the United States and Canada. Puppies are shipped on a direct flight from Chicago's O'Hare International Airport to a major airport in your area. The cost of shipping is $350.00. This includes a health certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian, airline fees, and a crate with a plush pad to ease your puppy during travel which are yours to keep. Shipping is safe and I have never had a bad experience with shipping a puppy. If you would like more information regarding shipping, please feel free to contact us at:MaltipooFurBabies@gmail.com.

I ship using United Airlines, which provides a service that escorts the puppies to and from the airplane in a climate controlled van. United Airlines also offers real time flight status information through United Cargo, which allows the departure, transit, and arrival of a flight to be monitored online at United Cargo. To use this service simply enter your puppy’s airway bill number into the tracking box. An airway bill number will be provided to you shortly after your puppy has been accepted by the airline.

There are several requirements that must be met in order to ship a puppy. Here are just a few:     

              -Animals must be at least 8 weeks of age.

              -Shipping kennel or cage must meet standards for size, ventilation, strength, and design. Animals must have enough room to stand up and turn around. Kennels must be equipped with one water  and food dish. Newspaper or absorbent material must be placed on the bottom of the kennel. Kennels must be marked with shipper's name, address, and phone number and the pick-up person's name, address, and phone number. Live animal stickers should be applied to the kennel and the last time the puppy was offered food and water should also be indicated. 

               -Animal may not be exposed to temperatures of less than 45 degrees Fahrenheit unless there is an acclimation statement by a veterinarian.

               -A Health Certificate must be issued by a licensed veterinarian and be no more than 10 days old.

               -Animals may not be checked-in more than 4 hours before a flight.

               -Animals less than 16 weeks of age must be offered food and water if transit is more than 12 hours. Older animals must have food at least every 24 hours and water at least every 12 hours.

               -Animals 16 weeks and older must have a current Rabies vaccination.